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Rhae E. Majerowski D.C. CACCP

Dr. Rhae Majerowski D.C. CACCP is originally a Wisconsin native, born in West Bloomfield.  She received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  She then moved to Lombard, Illinois to attend National University of Health Sciences where she received her Doctor of Chiropractic in 2006.  

In her practice, Dr. Rhae specializes in chiropractic care for the entire family.  Her passion is helping people to achieve happier and healthier lives through chiropractic care and helping people accomplish this at all stages of life.  After having a daughter of her own, she became even more passionate about helping women before, during, and after pregnancy, as well as children starting during infancy and on to adulthood.  This is when she encountered the ICPA and the certifications that they offer.  


The two certifications that she has attained through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) have an emphasis on specialized chiropractic care for the entire family, including men, women, women during pregnancy, and children of all ages.  Webster Technique certification is a chiropractic technique that can be utilized during pregnancy.  This is a specific type of analysis and adjustment used to correct biomechanical function in the pelvis and restore normal nervous system function.  The CACCP (Certified by the Academy Council on Chiropractic Pediatrics) certification is designed to strengthen the chiropractors knowledge base and skill  including specific chiropractic adjusting techniques, evaluation and assessment of different stages of development: from pregnancy, birth, infancy and throughout childhood.   


During her free time, Dr. Rhae Majerowski D.C. enjoys camping, skiing, hiking, running and spending time with her husband Adam, her daughter Ellie, her son Jaxon, her dog Kya and extended family and friends!

Dr. Rhae Majerowski Chiropractor


"I highly recommend Dr. Rhae to anyone looking for a chiropractor, but in particular to anyone who is pregnant. I had seen another chiropractor during my first pregnancy, so when I got an adjustment from Dr. Rhae the difference was obvious. Dr. Rhae focused on adjusting my body in a way that would help prepare it to give birth, whereas the other chiropractor didn't seem to do anything special. Another really nice thing about Dr. Rhae is that she really likes kids and is very patient with them, which was important to me as I had to bring my toddler to my appointments. I know there are other professionals out there who really dislike kids being at appointments, but Dr. Rhae was always very gracious and never made me feel bad about bringing my son even when he cried. The birth of my second son went very quickly and, from start to finish, was done in less than 3 hours (my first was 12 hours). I suspect the fast labor may have been in part due to the adjustments I got from Dr. Rhae. If there are any pregnant ladies out there who are reading this, believe me, if there's anything you can do to naturally reduce the time you spend in labor you want to do it!



"I have been a patient of Dr. Rhae for 4 years now. She is an amazing chiropractor in so many ways. She takes the time to listen to the problems I am having. She ensures that I am comfortable and relaxed before adjusting me. She also gives me advice on topics like posture, and recommends ways to stretch and strengthen areas that need improvement. She is very professional and serious about her work, yet so very positive and will always greet you with a smile! I always feel so much better after a visit with Dr. Rhae. I would be a mess without her :)"


- Jackee

"Dr Rhae Majerowski has been such a wonderful asset for all four members of our family.  She helped me through two unique pregnancies and now sees both of our children.  She is focused, accommodating, warm, and (most importantly) effective.  We seek Dr. Rhae out for a variety of issues from the typical sore neck and back, to infant constipation and ear infections, to prevention and maintenance.  My four year old woke up with a sore neck (for the first time) recently and the first thing she said “I think I need to see Dr. Rhae.”  She does a great job with the kiddos, making them feel safe and comfortable.    Her level of training and expertise with children allows me to also feel comfortable with the work she does for my children.  
My husband had not met Dr Rhae so he was hesitant with allowing her to work on our newborn when he was having issues with constipation.  He attended a session with me and after meeting Dr. Rhae, observing her work, and having some work done himself, he was eager to have her help our infant."


- Nicole

"I started going to Dr. Rhae early in my pregnancy when I was suddenly suffering from migraines. I had never seen a chiropractor before and was a bit nervous about the whole thing. Dr. Rhae is so gentle, knowledgeable and kind, that I immediately felt comfortable. Her work helped to keep the migraines at bay, and I continued to seek her help with all the aches and pains throughout my pregnancy. Dr. Rhae also worked on my infant a few days after birth. My daughter’s head was a little asymmetrical due to a fairly traumatic birth and we were also struggling with breast feeding. Dr. Rhae helped uncover that my daughter was having some trouble turning her head to one side, which was one factor that was making nursing difficult. A few sessions with Dr. Rhae (and a visit to a lactation consultant) resolved all of these issues. I now view chiropractic care as an integral part of my family’s overall health. My daughter, husband and I all go in for regular adjustments. I tell anyone that will listen about Dr Rhae, as I cannot imagine life without her. "

- Katie

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