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Helping families achieve their health goals and live the life they deserve with excellent chiropractic care!


Rhae E Majerowski D.C. CACCP

Dr. Rhae Majerowski D.C. CACCP is originally a Wisconsin native, born in West Bloomfield.  She received her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  She then moved to Lombard, Illinois to attend National University of Health Sciences where she received her Doctor of Chiropractic in 2006.   

In her practice, Dr. Rhae specializes in chiropractic care for the entire family including offering pediatric chiropractic and perinatal chiropractic care.  Her passion is helping people to achieve happier and healthier lives through chiropractic care and helping people accomplish this at all stages of life. 

Dr. Rhae the Chiropractor and Family

Dr. Rhae provides chiropractic adjustments utilizing a variety of chiropractic techniques including: 

- Diversified,

- Thompson Drop,

- Flexion-Distraction

- Webster Techniques. 


She also uses therapies such as:

-Trigger Point Dry Needling 

-Rehabilitative Exercises

for a more comprehensive care plan.

Dr. Rhae is a certified perinatal chiropractor, and has special training to provide perinatal chiropractic to her patients.  Whether you are already pregnant or trying to conceive, chiropractic care is an excellent way to support your body.  During pregnancy,  gentle chiropractic care with Webster Technique is safe and important as your body goes through many changes while the baby grows, allowing you & your baby to be more comfortable.   Dr. Rhae's goal for the new mother is to help her through the process of postpartum healing.  Many mothers experience pain in the lower back, hips and pubic bone area following labor and delivery.  Specific chiropractic adjustmentsmay help to decrease those symptoms. 

Dr. Rhae is a trained pediatric chiropractor. Care for the pediatric patient is so important.  From the time that they are in the womb and through the delivery process, the infant's spine is introduced to a wide variety of powerful forces and stressors that can affect how their spine is aligned and how their nervous system is functioning.   Pediatric chiropractic care involves very gentle techniques to keep a child's nervous system functioning at it's best so that all family members can enjoy a wellness centered life.


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